Celebrations on the Premises of the LIDO Recreation Centre for up to 1000 persons.

We can offer banquets for holiday celebratations or simply to relax among friends both in the basement and on the upper floor of the LIDO Recreation Centre.

For merry and carefree celebration, we recommend celebrating holiday in the Beer Cellar, where there are merry songs and dances every evening from 19:00. Sumptuous cold dishes, rich hot dishes and various desserts are on the menu. Taste the Latvian and homelike atmosphere of the Beer Cellar!

Both a buffet and laid tables with seats are possible.

Costs of a laid table with cold dishes are from 13,00  EUR  for one person.

Reservations can be made for groups of 10 to 500 persons.

If you prefer European cooking and wish to include something really special as part of the holiday treat, you can create the banquet menu in cooperation with the chef of the Restaurant! You can include seafood and meat delicatessen as well as special hot dishes in the menu. Both a buffet and laid tables with seats are possible.

Costs of laid table with cold dishes are from 17,00 EUR for one person.

Reservations can be made for groups of 10 to 370 persons.

Please order festivities for small parties in our light and cozy Banquet Hall.

Reservations can be made for groups of 16 to 40 persons.

Essential nuance – when you order a celebration, we do not take a payment for the premises!

Laying the Table at your Selected Premises

We lay the celebration tables at your selected premises in any Latvian city or in the quiet countryside. We prepare a special menu according to your budget and wishes as well as for the subject-matter of the event.

As for additional services, we can offer waiters and cooks, hire of inventory: tables, chairs, benches and tableware. We also offer decoration of the premises and splendid flower arrangements for the creation of a festive atmosphere.

We provide the laid celebration tables with service for groups of up to 2000 persons.

We shall agree the costs of the festive table depending on the chosen menu and necessary additional services.

Outside Catering for groups of up to 5000 persons for Several Days

Should you be planning large-scale events, as well as events for several days, please use our experience in providing an outside catering service. Here, everybody can choose the most appropriate dish from LIDO's traditional cooking. During outside catering, nourishing and delicious dishes are cooked before you and serviced hot and smoking – straight from a frying-pan or a big pot...

Our team of professionals have arranged tasty meals for groups of up to 5000 persons during several days!

Outdoor Trade

At fairs, city celebrations and other public events. We go to outdoor trade events with big frying-pans and pots, and cook dishes on site!

Take-out Meals

If a party or any other celebration is expected in your home, please give a holiday to the hostess too – order a take-out meal! We recommend selected fish and meat snack plates as well as canapés.

The meal is served in aestheticly pleasing and convenient disposable dinnerware.

Volume, costs and possible delivery of the meal may also be agreed by the parties.

Applying for banquets, consultation by phone: +371 67700000, e-mail: